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Del Webb Orlando
500 Del Webb Blvd
Davenport, FL 33837
Montecito Clubhouse Hours
Daily 7am to 9pm
Friday 7am to 10pm
LaTapenade Tavern Hours
Wed thru Sunday noon to 8pm
Friday noon to 10pm
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Clubs & Special Interest Groups

Arts & Crafts

Creative Minds Quilting & Crafts Club

Monthly sewing/crafting or quilting projects focusing on learning a new skill or come and work on your own projects. Sewing machines available for use by our members.

Pottery/Ceramics Club

If you are interested in expressing yourself artistically, we have numerous molds, glazes and underglazes that you can use to create your own masterpiece or functional item for your home.

Scrap Paper Scissors Club

Join us for a chance to learn or enhance your paper crafting skills! 

Sharing Stitches Club

Sharing Stitches is a group who share their love of crocheting, knitting and looming to create items for maternity wards, oncology and hospice centers and other organizations.

Cards & Games

All Hands on Deck: Hand and Foot Card Club

Hand & foot is a card game similar to Canasta. New players welcome.

Bunco: A Dice Game Club

The only skill required in this 'loads of fun' game is rolling 3 dice.

Canasta Club

If you’ve never played, we’re always happy to teach this challenging and fun card game.

Chess Interest Group  Join the Chess Special Interest Group for our regular game play every Tuesday at 6:00 pm in the Craft Room of the Montecito Club House.  Your brain needs exercise as much as your muscles! 

Hand, Knee and Foot Club

Hand, Knee and Foot is a card game that is variant of Canasta using 5 to 6 decks of cards

Euchre Interest Group

Euchre is a fun, fast-paced, card game that is easy to learn and a joy to play. 

Mah-Jongg Club

Mah Jongg is a fascinating rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards. 

Mexican Train Dominoes Club

The object of the game is for a player to play all the dominoes from their hand onto one or more chains, or "trains", emanating from a central hub or "station". 

Pinochle Group

Pinochle is a fun card game and all levels of players are welcome to include new players. 

Royal Flushers Poker Club

We offer two different types of poker games: Texas Hold ‘Em and Dealer’s Choice. If you are not familiar with poker, we will be happy to teach you, or you are welcome to come and watch.

Trumpsters Bridge Club

Bridge is a challenging card game played by four people in competing partnerships. We play Chicago Bridge.

Wizard Card Group

All are invited to join us for fun playing a very easy-to-learn but challenging card game. We play at tables of 3-6 players, and there is always room for you.

Community Service

Community Service Club

The Community Service Club collects food, personal items and small household goods that support Polk County residents in need. 

Tailgaters Club

Come and join the Tailgater’s Club as we have fun providing our exceptional culinary skills at various DWO community events. All proceeds from these events serve to directly benefit your community experience.

Vets4Vets Club

The Vets4Vets Club is both a social and community organization that hosts events and helps connect veterans with the VA and local Veterans Support Organizations. You do not have to be a Veteran to join our Club. 

Community, Culture and Spiritual

Always Welcome Club

Every resident is ALWAYS welcome to come to the socials to network with your DWO neighbors and learn new things about the area we call home. 

Bible Study Group

We are studying various books of the Old and New Testaments. Bring your Bibles and if you have no Bible, one will be provided.

Cultural Club of India

The main goal of this club is to provide a better understanding of the rich and diverse Indian culture, food, major festivals, languages, and ethnic dances of different regions.  All residents are welcome to join.

Latinos Del Webb Orlando Group

Latinos Del Webb Orlando is comprised of residents who live in the community and are either Hispanic or are interested in the Latin culture.

Rosary Group

The Rosary Group gathers every week in the clubhouse for reciting the rosary and prayer time for our families, friends, those in need of prayer, as well as for our community, country and world. 

Shalom Club

Social Club gathering to promote fellowship, fun, food, education and discovery of Jewish culture.

Solo Webbers Group  List of individuals who have similar interests, but want a friend(s) to go shopping, dining, traveling, movies, etc.

Food & Beverage

Dining Out Group
AKA: Please Wait to be Seated

A group of individuals who share the passion of dining out and finding exciting new entertainment opportunities with the goal of sharing their experience with others.

Food With Friends Club

Food with Friends is a casual dining evening where theme food is served chosen by two or three member hostesses. We make the evening fun in a relaxing atmosphere with our main focus on enjoying the evening with friends.

Recipleasers Club

Recipleasers is a club where members and their guests get together with new and old friends to have a tasting event with different themes every other month. 

Health & Wellness

Wellness Club

The purpose of the club is to enhance the health, wellness and fitness of our community with a variety of programs and activities. 

Hobbies & Interests

Are You Serious?! Coffee Discussion Club

We participate in respectful, moderated discussions where any topic of interest to our members is welcomed for discussion. And of course, the coffee (and talk) is free.

Computer & Home Tech "Made Easy" Club

We help you take control of all of that rambunctious home tech that has become so much a part of our lives and sponsor FREE seminars and schedule FREE 1-1 tech support with the Geek Squad right here at DWO. 

Electronics Interest Group

The purpose of the Electronic Group is to explore interests in electronics such as building robots, RC, microcontrollers, and programing.  One of our aims is to get into local schools to encourage STEM participation.

Fin, Fur, Feather and Foot Group
For those who share an interest in fishing, hunting wildlife rehab and other outdoor pursuits.

Financial Education Group

The financial education group is presented by two of our residents that have over 60 years’ experience in the financial markets to offer you a second opinion on all things financial, Medicare, Insurance, stocks, banking etc.

Garden Club  Want to grow your own veggies, herbs, fruits and flowers? Members receive a “garden plot” to use in the DWO Garden.

Photography Club

A club for all you cell phone, tablet, pocket camera and digital SLR camera Shutterbugs! For both amateurs and professionals, or if you just like to take pictures.

Music & Dancing

Chorus Club

If you enjoy singing in four-part harmony, please come and join us. You do not need to be able to read music. Residents may also join Friends of the Chorus, non-singing participants who help the chorus behind the scenes. 

Fun Dancers Club

You do not need to know any dance steps because our certified instructor makes it easy and simple to learn.

Line Dancing Club

Get your dancing shoes on because we are ready to kick up our heels and dance for fun and fitness.

Webbettes Group

The Webbettes are a dance team that performs during intermission at the Holiday and Spring Chorus Concerts.  Membership is open to the Del Webb Community.


Bocce Ball Club

It’s a game that everyone can enjoy whether you are a new or experienced player, and it’s a great way to meet new people. 

Bowling Interest Group

We host Bowling Parties for casual bowling with an exciting party atmosphere. Any skill level is encouraged to participate.

Fairwayers Golf Club

The Fairwayers Golf Club makes it easy for you to explore a variety of courses within a short commute that are also gentle on your golf budget. 

Pickled Webbers Pickleball Club

Join us in this growing sport for fun and socialization with your neighbors and friends. Pickleball is great exercise while enjoying the outdoors. 

Shuttling Webbers Group

The Shuttling Webbers run a badminton program for DWO residents, with a total of five badminton nets now available for practice and matches. All DWO residents are invited participate.

Tennis Club

Whether you’re a Club member, past competitive player, a person who hasn't picked up a racket in years, or a beginner, all are welcome at the beautifully refreshed tennis courts.

Wiffleball Group

Join us on the Sports Lawn to enjoy Wiffleball games.

State and Regional Social

Great Lakes Club

Come from a state or province that borders one of the Great Lakes or just wish you did? We look forward to meeting our fellow Great Lakes DWO residents!

New England Club

Whether you have visited our great beaches in the summertime, toured to see your kids' colleges, enjoyed colors of fall or love Early American history, over one hundred people here at DWO do, too! 

Pennsylvania Club

Have you ever lived, worked or gone to school in Pennsylvania or wished that you lived there? Then, we may be the club for you. 

Tri-State Club

The Tri-State Club promotes camaraderie among DWO residents that have lived or worked in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.  

Wisconsin Club

The Wisconsin Club was developed with one goal in mind… to enjoy the company of other Wisconsinites or any other DWO residents who would like to join us.


Stepp'n Out Club

Join us for a bus day trip to various points of interest in Central Florida. We have a great time touring with our neighbors and would love to have you join us.

Wandering Webbers Travel Club

The Wandering Webbers Travel Club supports travel by members from domestic trips for a few days to international travel for a few weeks and everything in between. All our trip ideas and decisions on where to go come from our membership.